CIECS creates, implements and maintains a very comprehensive range of services and solutions. This enables CIECS to accompany clients throughout the whole life-cycle of their inquiries and projects, from the initial feasibility study, through the design and implementation of the solution selected, and to the exploitation, training of the team and after sales services.


With over 10 years of experience in cross continental procurement services, CIECS is rightfully considered as one of the leading and most trustworthy partners in this field.

By leveraging the expertise that we accumulated by successfully executing hundreds of operations and by calling on our global network and partner base, we can provide our clients the quality they require at price discounts that exceed their expectations.

Our commitment and close relationships with our partners allows us to provide our clients with clear updates and direct communication. We take care of every step in the process so that the client is not confronted with unexpected issues, allowing the client to devote his full attention to creating value in other areas of operation.


We assist our customers to identify the products they require and offer cost effective alternatives when possible.

CIECS seeks and identifies the most economic and reliable suppliers that can supply the required goods at the quality level of customer choice.

We leverage our extensive procurement experience in order to negotiate the largest possible discounts and the best lead times for our client.

Throughout the entire process of supply, we aim to identify opportunities and alternatives for our customer, that allows to get the goods faster and more cost effective or that will allow to purchase higher quality alternatives at the same cost.


We offer an extensive range and portfolio of products and system integration solutions and in depth support through our integrated core services. At CIECS, we are committed to our clients satisfaction because it’s definitely our success.

In a highly competitive industry with ever changing technology, products are consistently improving and evolving. That is why our clients need a dedicated team to become part of their team to support the system integration solutions we provide with our products. You will immediately feel the difference working with us!